"To protect and conserve"

Get Involved

Ways in which you can get involved and play your part.

1. By volunteering your time, getting hands on and making a difference.

2. By making a financial donation to help us fund our work. PayPal payments can be made here

3. By becoming a member of HCS.
    You can download a membership application form here

4. Becoming an observer for HCS
    All information received from observers is treated in strictest confidence and in accordance with our ICO registration.

Other ways you can help.

1. By taking your litter home with you.

2. By keeping your dog under control.
This is particularly important during the bird ground nesting season (March to September) when ideally dogs should be kept on a lead.

3. By picking up your dogs mess and correctly disposing of the bag.

4. By staying on footpaths and not wondering onto the heather.

5. By reporting antisocial behaviour.
To report antisocial behaviour in the Countryside including illegal vehicle activities such as motorcycling.

Phone: HCS 07971 010048, Police 101. For military training areas within Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire also phone 07887 525675.

6. By reporting fires, even if you only suspect there may be a fire. Reporting fires or suspected fire or other emergencies dial 999 and ask for the appropriate service when prompted by the operator.

7. By following the Countryside Code, a copy of which can be downloaded here.

8. By reporting your wildlife sightings to us.

9. By reporting any wildlife crime you witness to the Police and HCS.

10. By keeping an eye on any grazing cows on the heaths (without getting too close). Report any welfare issues by phoning the responsible branch of the Wildlife Trust or the Grazing organisation. Emergency telephone numbers are posted at the entrances to the grazing areas. In the case of the Barossa Training area and Poors Allotments contact SWT Ranger James Herd on 01483 795440.