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*Help Needed*

Hi all.

We hope you have had a good summer and have been able to enjoy your local heathlands.

The new conservation season restarts on Wednesday 12th October 2016 and concludes at the end of February 2017.

We are looking for volunteers to actively help us manage invasive pine and scrub. We also aim to create more wildlife habitats.

This is vitally important work as we have lost some 85% of our Heathlands in the last 100 years.

If you are interested in helping us restore heather beds to their former glory please contact our conservation manager David on 07966 287113.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Although global in interests (it is not unknown for the Heathland Conservation Society to assist students studying Heathland in the USA) the Society is currently paying special attention to the very important woods and heathland in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. In particular The Broadmoor to Bagshot Woods and Heath which covers an area of approximately twenty-five square miles. None of this land is common land. The fact is that this SSSI/SPA* is divided between four land owners, The Ministry of Defence, Windelsham United Charities and Poors Allotments, Crown Estates and The Forestry Commission.The Heathland Conservation Society is an independent group associated with BTCV, a registered charity.

Today HCS works in partnership with The Surrey Wild Life Trust, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Natural England to help manage the conservation of the site.

A picture paints a thousand words

The Future

As you will see, the future and what we can commit to does, to a large extent, depend on the people like you and others who want the natural environment and the endangered species of flora and fauna to be preserved for the generations that will follow us, and in the meantime to be able to enjoy it ourselves. To enable the Heathland Conservation Society to continue to build on the success of its founders and to have sufficient resources in both manpower and finances to meet the growing demands, it is always looking to recruit new members from anywhere in Britain. If you would like to join us you can download our membership application form.


  • We would love more volunteers to help manage the heathland. Please look at our event page for more information.
  • The vigilance of the local people is also a great help. If you see or even hear any illegal riding on protected areas contact your local Police (which can be found in your telephone directory).
  • Donations gratefully received....
    Printing, telephone calls, working days (clean ups), insurance premiums etc. do not come cheap. We are also on the look out for sponsorship to cover the high administration costs, so if you would like to support us by giving a donation please send a cheque made out to the Heathland Conservation Society to the society’s address which can be found


The HCS Executive Committee unreservedly recognise that without the support of individuals, Government and other agencies and organisations it would not have achieved the successes it has achieved since it's establishment in 1995 under the name AGODC..

The support that has been or is still being given takes many forms such as funding, advisory and practical participation all equally as important and appreciated .

HCS SPA Protection Group Partnership

The following are among the agencies and organisations who have played a major role in greatly reducing antisocial behaviour in the countryside and reducing the risk to the visiting public and those carrying out bone fide activities. This work intrinsicaly helps in conserving the environment.

Natural England
County and Borough Councils
The Police
Fire and Rescue
Defence Estates (DOI(MoD)
South East England and Southern Counties Wild Fire Groups
Crown Estates Windsor
Forestry Commission
Wildlife Trusts

Members and Volunteers

Since 1995 our volunteers and members have played an important role in the HCS practical conservation management activities.

Other Organisations

These organisations also play important roles in the HCS operation ranging from financial services, advice, volunteer introductions to practical support. In some cases it is a combination of the foregoing.

Community Funding for Surrey and their funders.
Surrey Heath Voluntary Services
Bracknell Forest Volunteer Bureau
Accent Peerless Housing Association

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